Boötes Design
Windisch CH

Low Carbon Pilot Community - At the border of the Kunzareal and beside a unique wetland area, the Community of Stegbuent is a cluster of ...

Undisclosed CH

Between Sky and Earth - The rooftop of buildings is commonly unused. Skywatch is a poetic and artistic approach in raising the awareness ...

Auf Pünten
Winterthur CH

Rethinking Urban “Chalet” - An existing, 70 year old wood building needs an extention. The additional space almost doubles the built volu...

Assessment Center
Windisch CH

Reviving an Abandoned Industry Building - Within the Kunzareal Urban Renewal Program, the first building is the Swiss Army Assessment Cen...

Villa Mayr
Biberist CH

Specific Architectural Design - Two sisters, one single, the other with family wanted to live together. The location is a suburb of a sma...

Wien AUT

Libraries are no longer just places where existing knowledge is sought and hoarded, but where new knowledge and skills are generated.....

Hemp Villa
Muenchenbuchsee CH

Innovating Regrowable Building Materials - The small extension of a residential building in a Swiss suburb explores a new way of using fa...

Koller Haus
Bern CH

The renovation of a historic building made entirely of wood located in the city center of Bern. Th...

Lax CH

Alpine Resort Tower Hotel - At the mid point of an alpine mountain there is a small plateau, which became the place of a special hotel pi...

Zbinden Pharmacy
Burgdorf CH

Next Generation Health Care - For more than 100 Years, Zbinden Pharmacy is serving its clients by providing a reliable and trustworthy se...