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Kunming P.R.C.

Swiss Garden

Performing Postcards / A Journey on the Water

Switzerland is presented through the use of typical Swiss landscape images, as those in a picture-calendar. Three enormous screens embrace the garden space and display popular Swiss postcard subjects: Women in their traditional costumes, the city of Zurich with its river climate and the Grossmunster Cathedral, and a glacier. A different garden theme was developed to match each screen. Curious barrel-boats invite the visitors to an excursion through the live postcard-scape and offers a virtual and physical playful garden experience.

Kunming P.R.C.
Stefan Rotzler, Peter Boelsterli, Andreas Wenger
Rotzler Krebs Landschaftsarchitekten, Zuerich Anarchitekton, Basel
Concept Design, Detailed Design, Engineering and Construction Management (in cooperation with Stefan Rotzler)
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