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_Urban Design

Before we make any part of a city that we inhabit, we first have to design it. This is the case from the scale of a community, its public spaces, parks, and transportation services, the place we experience in our life every day, down to the materiality of public benches that are close enough for us to sense. This basic urban design binds a city together, the quality of its spaces and structures is essential and the basic condition before any individual urban design in Hong Kong, Switzerland, and the World takes its shape. 

_What We Do


Masterplans for new communities are the basic elements to define a future community or even a whole city. In our urban design studio, we create cities that focus on the highest possible quality of life for the future community by integrating a wide range of solutions within a practice of sustainable urbanism. Urban design for Hong Kong as for any other place in the world needs to meet the needs of a future-oriented community, resilient to coming challenges, and vibrant for its citizens.

Urban Upgrade

As an urban design firm, we understand that the current urban reality in a majority of places in the world has been dominated by the specific needs of the private mobility of their citizens. As a result, public places got reduced and eliminated. At the same time, climate change is causing increased pressure in existing communities by risks to be coped with. Resilience strategies for communities can help to cope with these future threats and allow urban upgrades at the same time, combining the improvement of spaces and rising the collective safety levels. In our urban design studio, we work on transformation strategies closely together with the individual communities. 

_How We Work

As an urban design company in Hong Kong and Switzerland, we base on two studios and their related networks. The projects in our urban design studio in Hong Kong & Switzerland are typically developed by a team of our urban design company that keeps connected with the project from the very first moment to its completion. Each project we undertake is unique and we aim to generate bespoke solutions that meet the needs of its connected users and stakeholders.

Our four main steps in the urban design service process ensure that the right things get done the right time by the right people in order to integrate the complex requirements to deliver integrated urban design solutions:

I Analysis & Profiling

We validate the project brief and challenge it through research and observations of the existing context in order to: Look inside the brief to understand the case, context, and the processes where the new space or service will be deployed, and look outside to the ecosystem, market environment, and culture.

II Concept Design

We use architectural engineering approaches to find and invent new spatial patterns and frameworks for the future urban context or services. We communicate design directions and alternatives in a concise and visual manner as a well-experienced urban designer. 
Results: working models, content frameworks, draft guidelines, mappings, design solution concepts, etc.

III Detailed Design

Based on the two previous phases, we design and deliver the final solutions. The output is depending on the specific project profile. It describes the guideline for the selected solution and provides the in-depth information needed for implementation.
Results: design guidelines, detail designs, product or service specifications, movies, presentations, plans, etc.

IV Implementation

With our urban design studio in Hong Kong & Switzerland we participate in or overtake the lead in the construction phase of the project. We ensure that the work of the urban designer and urban development is implemented as intended: functional, beautiful, and economically successful.
Results: implementation guideline and quality management support etc.

As an urban design firm in Hong Kong & Switzerland, we merge two service cultures. The autonomy and consistency of a Swiss Architectural practice and the openness of an Urban Designer in Hong Kong, serving as a cultural connector and mediator.

_What We Can Achieve Together

Designing urban spaces for and with our clients is a process that requires an outstanding set of skills, patience, and mutual trust. As an urban design company, we can provide a foundation of success in the spaces we build, spaces for happiness and pleasure, passion and contemplation as well as moments of silence. 
With our urban design firm, we can achieve together outstanding spaces with new solutions to enrich the lives of the users by our urban design studio in Hong Kong, Switzerland, and the World.

_Other Services

Interior Design

...for homeowners wishing to live in a bespoke and unique place in harmony with the environment, designed to respect & support the specificity of the building and to incorporate the needs of the future user.

[learn more]

Architectural Design

...for ambitious property owners who would like to make an impact with a new building, a building extension or a careful renovation. Architecture with a deep connection to the place it's built and the users it's designed for.

[learn more]

Property Search Consulting

...for individual and corporate clients who wish to have a clear understanding of specific opportunities assess the building condition and its development potentials before a specific real estate gets selected and purchase negotiations lead to a new transaction.

[coming soon]

Development Partnerships

...with individuals or corporations aiming for the creation of outstanding and truly sustainable communities. Joint ventures that serve the purpose of the future users, with a unique quality of life within a footprint based on nature's boundary conditions.

[coming soon]

Integrated Property Maintenance

...for individuals or corporations who would like to optimize the long term value of their properties and achieve ambitious sustainable development goals within the regular renovation and maintenance cycles to optimize the living quality within and around the building and to secure the highest possible property value by achieving highest possible environmental standards.

[coming soon]

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