Boötes Design

_Our Process

Our design process ensures that the right things get done the right time by the right people in order to integrate the complex requirements to deliver advanced integrated building and urban planning solutions.

I Analysis & Profiling

We validate the project brief and challenge it through research and observations of the existing context in order to:
1— Look inside the company to understand the business case, context and the processes where the new product or service will be deployed, and
2— Look outside to the ecosystem, market environment and culture.

II Concept Design

We use architectural engineering approaches to find and invent new spatial patterns and frameworks for the future urban context or services. We communicate design directions and alternatives in a concise and visual manner.Results: working models, content frameworks, draft guidelines, mappings, design solution concepts, etc.

III Detailed Design

Based on the two previous phases, we design and deliver the final solutions. The output is depending on the specific project profile. It describes the guideline for the selected solution and provides the in depth information needed for implementation.Results: design guidelines, detail designs, product or service specifications, movies, presentations, plans, etc.

IV Implementation

We participate in or overtake the lead in the construction phase of the project. We ensure that the architectural design and urban development is implemented as intended: functional, beautiful and economically successful.Results: implementation guideline and quality management support etc.