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_Interior Design


_Interior Design

By creating the design of a building from the inside-out as much as from the outside-in, we embed a sense of integrity and connection to the world as an interior design studio. The starting position for any interior design solution is to gain an understanding of...

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Auf Pünten
Winterthur CH

Rethinking Urban “Chalet” - An existing, 70 year old wood building needs an extention. The additional space almost doubles the built volu...

Ein Gefühl von Schaaf
Murten CH

A reflection on the complex realities of swiss herdsmen in a highly urbanized country

Villa Mayr
Biberist CH

Specific Architectural Design - Two sisters, one single, the other with family wanted to live together. The location is a suburb of a sma...

Koller Haus
Bern CH

The renovation of a historic building made entirely of wood located in the city center of Bern. Th...

Zbinden Pharmacy
Burgdorf CH

Next Generation Health Care - For more than 100 Years, Zbinden Pharmacy is serving its clients by providing a reliable and trustworthy se...

_Interior Design

By creating the design of a building from the inside-out as much as from the outside-in, our interior designers will embed a sense of integrity and connection to the world as a professional interior design studio. The starting position for any interior design solution is to gain an understanding of people’s needs and the way in which space will be habited and loved. Our aim as an interior design firm is to generate interiors that are giving a sense of place and connecting to a building’s outward expression.

_What We Do

What Our Hong Kong Interior Design Studio Does


The office world is dramatically changing and with it the related interior design. New working models are rising and challenging the classic office interior design. Our interior designers have anticipated the coming transformation more than 25 years ago with landmark projects in Switzerland and continue to question the current realities and research possible future pathways. As an office interior design company, we can guide our clients to make the right decisions and to invest in spaces that are appropriate in the coming years. Office interior design in Hong Kong and Switzerland will now further transform towards a post-pandemic world.


Commercial or retail interior design is basically the interior design done for commercial spaces, such as offices, retail spaces, restaurants, lobbies, and other public spaces. In the success of any enterprise, commercial interior designers are playing a very crucial role. Retail interior design in Hong Kong plays an important and often existential role in a highly competitive and fast transforming market. The conditions for a successful retail interior design in Hong Kong and Switzerland are different but also interconnected and learning from both places allows us to provide new solutions.

As a retail interior design firm, we develop for our clients’ comprehensive concepts to incorporate the business strategies for the future commercial spaces and define them in colour, form, space, texture, pattern, line, and light to become alive. As a retail interior design firm, we will meet the needs of the commercial spaces, recommend or design the suitable furniture, accessories as well as retail interior design elements that will give the space its identity.


It is essential in home interior design to understand that it involves the place we will call our “home”. While we all need to search for a place to stay, what is it we are looking for actually? Is it that deep connection to our space, by sensing the essence of that very location, its natural and cultural environment? Is it the perfection of every detail exactly as we want or expect it to be? The rich cultural environment with its traditions; the locations’ natural sights, sounds, and flavours are the elements that inspire our spaces to become a place to stay. Our home interior design studio believes that becoming part of this place is like entering a new world, one that allows you to discover delights you have not yet experienced and growing your roots into the very location, its unique setting, its community, its cultural and natural environment. Those in search of a home can find it here.

As a home interior design studio, we are selecting our clients carefully. We aim to provide home interior design solutions that go beyond delivering standard solutions. As a home interior design studio, we love to deeply understand our clients and work with them to create a place they call their home. Often it has been an intensive process, as our interior design company understands that the spaces resulting serve as a base for their whole life to come.

_How We Work

How Our Hong Kong Interior Design Company Works

Our interior design projects are typically designed by a group that keeps collaborating from the very first moment of the project to its completion. Each design we undertake is an individual case with its specific characteristics. Our interior design company aims to work together with the stakeholders of the future spaces and get beyond standard solutions to achieve unique results together. Often the interior design Hong Kong project team is expanded with a wide range of experts that contribute in their own way of thinking to the whole result.

The interior design Hong Kong work process is phased in 4 steps to ensure that the right work is executed in the best possible way during the development of the planning and implementation of the new spaces.


Our interior design firm in Hong Kong will analyse the existing qualities of the built space as it is found, its materiality, its specific qualities and challenges. Key questions of the given space to be solved with the new interior design solution get identified. The needs of the future design will be clarified and described by our interior design firm in a way that the base for the future development is given in the best possible clarity.


Our interior designers in Hong Kong will then use design thinking and spatial design methodologies to generate the interior design concept. The draft concept is visualized with plans, model, renderings or abstract schematic representations. The interior design Hong Kong concept will be communicated comprehensively and iterated in several rounds to strengthen the basic qualities of the concept to a robust base for the further development. Results from our interior design company will include working models, renderings, content frameworks, mappings, design solution concepts, etc.


The concept design is serving as a starting point for the further detailing of the individual interior design Hong Kong project. Technical details, the integration of smart technologies, materiality, colours, light solutions, acoustics and sustainability aspects get coordinated in the new solutions and organized in a detailed set of plans and a description of detailed requirements for the implementation. Results from our interior design firm will include design guidelines, detailed designs, product or service specifications, movies, presentations, plans, etc.


With our interior design firm in Hong Kong & Switzerland we participate in or overtake the lead in the construction phase of the project. We ensure that the work of the interior designer is implemented as intended: functional, beautiful, and economically successful.

Results: implementation guideline and quality management support etc.

_What We Can Achieve Together

Designing new interior spaces for and with our clients is a process that requires an outstanding set of skills, patience, and mutual trust. As interior designers in Hong Kong, we can provide a foundation of success in the spaces we build, interior spaces for happiness and pleasure, passion and contemplation as well as moments of silence.

As interior designers we can create spaces that can lay the ground for economic success and for individual well-being.