Boötes Design
Villa Mayr
Biberist CH

Specific Architectural Design - Two sisters, one single, the other with family wanted to live together. The location is a suburb of a sma...

Ein Gefühl von Schaaf
Murten CH

A reflection on the complex realities of swiss herdsmen in a highly urbanized country

Koller Haus
Bern CH

The renovation of a historic building made entirely of wood located in the city center of Bern. Th...

Zbinden Pharmacy
Burgdorf CH

Next Generation Health Care - For more than 100 Years, Zbinden Pharmacy is serving its clients by providing a reliable and trustworthy se...

Auf Pünten
Winterthur CH

Rethinking Urban “Chalet” - An existing, 70 year old wood building needs an extention. The additional space almost doubles the built volu...