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Windisch CH

Urban Upgrade - Transforming the biggest former spinning mill area in Switzerland gave a chance to create a new urban form. In the future...

Swiss Garden
Kunming P.R.C.

Switzerland is presented through the use of typical Swiss landscape images, as those in a picture-calendar. Three enormous screens embrac...

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Lax CH

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Windisch CH

Low Carbon Pilot Community - At the border of the Kunzareal and beside a unique wetland area, the Community of Stegbuent is a cluster of ...

Wien AUT

Libraries are no longer just places where existing knowledge is sought and hoarded, but where new knowledge and skills are generated.....

_Urban Design

Our urban design company believes, before we make any part of a city that we inhabit, we first have to design it. This is the case from the scale of a community, its public spaces, parks, and transportation services, the place we experience in our life every day, down to the materiality of public benches that are close enough for us to sense. This basic urban design binds a city together, the quality of its spaces and structures is essential and the basic condition before any individual urban design in Hong Kong, Switzerland, and the World takes its shape.

_What We Do

What Our Urban Design Studio Does


Masterplans for new communities are the basic elements to define a future community or even a whole city. In our urban design studio, we create cities that focus on the highest possible quality of life for the future community by integrating a wide range of solutions within a practice of sustainable urbanism. Urban design for Hong Kong as for any other place in the world needs to meet the needs of a future-oriented community, resilient to coming challenges, and vibrant for its citizens.


As an urban design firm, we understand that the current urban reality in a majority of places in the world has been dominated by the specific needs of the private mobility of their citizens. As a result, public places were reduced and eliminated. At the same time, climate change is causing increased pressure in existing communities by risks to be coped with. Resilience strategies for communities can help to cope with these future threats and allow urban upgrades at the same time, combining the improvement of spaces and raising the collective safety levels. In our urban design studio, we work on transformation strategies closely together with the individual communities.

_How We Work

How Our Urban Design Firm Works

As an urban design company, we are based on our studios located in Hong Kong as one of the urban environments with the highest densities and Switzerland with its small cities that offer an outstanding high quality of life. Our urban design studio in Hong Kong is working on projects in transdisciplinary teams that keep working together within the urban design project from the very first moment to its completion of a certain milestone of development. Our urban designers aim to generate bespoke solutions that meet the needs of its connected users and stakeholders of an urban environment. With this we can improve the quality of life of the future users of the urban environments we work in.

Urban Design Projects are often highly complex and interrelated in different layers of boundary conditions, social conditions and technicalities. An urban design agenda for a specific challenge can often be described in a process that follows a quality management process logic with a continuous feedback and improvement cycle. Our urban design studio in Hong Kong aims to organize these projects in a logical framework that allows to proceed towards implementing projects in a structured approach:


Urban Environments are used by a wide range of persons for a variety of purposes. During the first phase of an urban design project, our urban design firm will do a mapping of the current usage of the spaces, elaborating the critical issues rising in dialogs or workshops, searching for benchmarks of corresponding projects and work out the history and meaning of the place. The project brief by our urban design studio in Hong Kong will be challenged to understand its requirements in relation to the findings of the mapping and research outcomes.

Results: Mapping and research report, etc.


To elaborate an urban design concept, it is often needed to arrange a series of stakeholder workshops together with an interdisciplinary team of experts. Our urban design firm will identify a wide range of possible scenarios and test them in feedback settings within the workshops, or even by prototyping essential elements in reality. We communicate urban design directions and their potential alternatives in a concise and visual way as a well-experienced urban designer.

Results: working models, content frameworks, draft concept guidelines, etc.


Based on the urban design concept, our urban designers will deepen the selected conceptual approach towards a fully elaborated project. Depending on the specific requirements, the product may be elaborated with a specific documentation that serves the purpose with the needed detailed grade of information.

Results: design guidelines, detailed designs, product or service specifications, movies, presentations, plans, etc.


The implementation of an urban design project is often a highly complex process. Our urban design company will help elaborate the design related aspects of the new environment and can coordinate the whole implementation. In this phase our urban design studio makes sure that the work will be implemented as intended in its specific functionalities, aesthetics, and within the given economic boundary conditions.

Results: implementation guideline and quality management support etc.

_What We Can Achieve Together

Designing successful urban spaces is an undertaking that requires a wide range of skills and a team of urban designers that is dedicated to achieve outstanding results. As an urban design company, we can not only work out the needed design solution, but also moderate the - often participatory - process to make the needed decisions based on a valid set of information and well aware of the outcome of the future implementation. Together with the involved stakeholders, we can achieve outstanding results that enrich the lives of future generations.